About Me

I’m a retired builder, gas engineer/plumber, beekeeper.

I’ve been keeping bees for over 10 years now and involved with several clubs. I had it in my mind to have 80 colonies and was busy with Apideas and incubators etc. However I’ve been hit by a chronic illness which meant I wasn’t able to do the practical beekeeping any longer – now a keeper of bees!. I had started to make my own hives and decided that this might well be my future. I felt that commercially available hives were lacking in design and I wanted the best environment for my bees so hence the birth of the “Apishop” hive over quite a period of time that can be viewed here in the shop.. Production to start soon. I have other ideas for a drop entrance and a device to make uniting hives a simple job. Since I’m a one man band  it may be possible to make bespoke requests subject to discussion and time.

I have a small reception area here where visitors can make themselves a tea or coffee and taste some of the 12 honeys I have here.